The Book of Mindsets

A never-ending Investigation


ARTificial Mindsets

The MindFuture Foundation’s primary purpose is to provoke awareness and spur debates about the use of next generation algorithms creating emotional, rational and irrational decision making within AI. It becomes the way and manner we think about the difference between human- and artificial mindsets that will show how we will plan for mankind’s future existence and living conditions.
As part of this, we have fashioned “The Book of Mindsets: A never-ending investigation”. It is not really a book per se. It is an alternative mindpool for sharing knowledge and debate about the future uses of AI-technologies. It collects knowledge and opinions in writing, visuals, audio or other formats that investigate different mindsets’ worldview.





What is your take on Artificial Mindsets?

You may or may not like what you have seen and read; you may even disagree and want to contribute with your own article or media. You are welcome to take any action and send your own opinions and materials to and it will be added here on the page.
What we want to achieve is a collection of facts, fiction and knowledge, in different formats, about the topic of Artificial Mindsets. Then, we will create new ARTificial Mindsets based upon the content that can spur alternative debates about the ethical end existential dilemmas next generation technologies might pose.

So excited to announce a virtual exhibition of the Lumen Prize 2020 award winners! Presented in partnership w/ @LeonardoISAST on @new_art_city. Opens next week, 3 December! Reserve your free ticket here:

AI: Love and Artificial Intelligence, This years winner of the Hyundai Blue Prize 2020, curator Jenny Chen Jiaying.

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Day 2 of the #ClimateInnovationLabs! We are thrilled to welcome our speakers today and to hear their insights @UNFCCC @UNIDO @UNEP @Seedstars @RoseMwebaza @MindFuture_AI @senalouka

"What are the obvious ethical issues with #AI?

-Risks and Ethical Issues with Predictive Analytics
-Unrepresentative Data"

What else is missing?

#MachineLearning #artificalintelligence #AIEthics

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