MindFuture Award

For excellence in art that explores future relationships between humans and AI, robotics or biotech.

The Lumen Prize is partnering with the MindFuture Foundation, for the new MindFuture Award, to be launched with Lumen’s 10th Call for Entries in February 2021. The award has been created to celebrate excellence in the creation of art that engages audiences in a dialogue about the personal, cultural, and social significance of artificial intelligence, robotics or biotechnology.
We at the MindFuture Foundation are looking for artists who explore the ethical and existential dimensions that emerge with the increasing entanglement between humans and these humanised technologies. Exciting projects, operating at the cross-section between art, science and philosophy. To provoke awareness and spur debates about how the use of next generation technologies can be integrated into society safely, ethically, and sustainably.

Submissions Open February 2021

The award is dedicated to artistic practice, and thinking, related to the areas of artificial intelligence, blockchain, biotechnology and life sciences +


Empowerment. Identity. Gender. Transparency. Agency. Privacy. Surveillance. Artificial / “Natural”. Democracy. Discrimination. Power. Control. Education. Economy. Loneliness. Love. Sex. Belonging. Ethics. Regulation. Accountability. Authority. Otherness. Trust. +


Artificial intelligence Art. Machine Learning Art. Big Data Art. Software Art. Blockchain Art. Cryptocurrency Art. Hacking. Generative Art. Artificial Life. Robotics. Kinetics. Autonomous Systems Art. Environmental Tech Art. Bio Art. Life Sciences. Transgenic Art. Neo Futurist Art. +