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Towards life with Artificial Mindsets

Artificial Mindsets (AM) — as opposed to human mindsets — have yet to become a reality. As with any new technologies and inventions, its definition has aimed to be explicit and universally accepted. Artificial Mindsets in the digital domain will be challenging – because the mathematics behind will need to have a programmed irrationality, randomness and unpredictability.
The meaning and use of Artificial Mindsets are still to be developed. The MindFuture Foundation will challenge our human mindset by using artificial intelligence, deep learning and other next-generation technologies to disclose the differences between the rationality of computer-based Artificial Mindsets and the rationality of human mindsets.


Have you ever Questioned the Nature of your Reality?

The MindFuture Foundation investigates the potential of future Artificial Mindsets by utilizing machine learning technologies. The aim is to use artistic and technological practices to spur debates about the future use of next generation artificial intelligence technologies.

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