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Towards Artificial Mindsets
The MindFuture Foundation is an art-based foundation and community that contemplates, experiments and executes activities about social- and technological representations of future Artificial Mindset that have been developed with next generation technologies. We want to introduce Artificial Mindsets as a new concept, to capture the intangible aspects of Artificial Intelligence (AI) – e.g. feelings, affection and emotional intelligence.
Our primary purpose is to provoke awareness and spur debates about the use of next generation algorithms’ possibilities for creating and causing emotional and irrational decision making in AI. We examine how humanized technology existentially and ethically affects our human lives. In particular, our aim is to exhibit provocative manifestations and representations of artificialness between machines and humans in communication, behaviour and interactions.

ARTificial Intelligence


The Artificial Mindset

Our new Global Goal.

“Life with Artificials”

The 18th SDG

Artists, software developers, tech pioneers and researchers investigating urgent questions at the cross-section between art, science and philosophy.

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